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Whistleblowers Are Entitled By Law To A Substantial Reward

If you are aware of fraud or another illegal activity in your place of work, you could be entitled to financial compensation under applicable whistleblower statutes. If you report unlawful actions in the right way, the government must reward you by sharing a cut of any money they recover from the wrongdoers.

Qualifying relators (whistleblowers) who bring a qui tam lawsuit can receive 10% to 30% of the government’s recovery, depending on how much that whistleblower’s information contributes to a fruitful investigation and successful prosecution.

I am Rusty Tucker, a whistleblower lawyer in Dallas, Texas. I have handled thousands of cases in my more than 35 years of practice, and for the last decade I have focused almost entirely in health care fraud litigation. The Law Offices of James R. Tucker, P.C., offers proven advocacy for any category of qui tam whistleblower lawsuits.

Significant Whistleblower Recoveries By Category Of Fraud

The following links reflect recent recoveries in different categories of fraud. I have had a hand in dozens of whistleblower cases as lead counsel, co-counsel and consultant. I can capably pursue qui tam actions in any of these scenarios, and my firm has obtained multimillion-dollar awards in numerous categories.

Examples of  qui tam recoveries under the federal False Claims Act, the Texas Medicaid Fraud Prevention Act and other whistleblower laws:

There’s A Right Way (And Wrong Way) To Blow The Whistle

As you can see in the examples above, fraud and dishonest business transactions happen in almost any industry, from pharmaceutical sales to dentistry to medical services for the homebound.

However, just telling your superior or passing a tip to government authorities won’t be good enough. You need to hire an attorney who is familiar with whistleblower law so that you get both the federally mandated protection and commensurate compensation for your actions. I make sure that you take the right steps during this process so that you can obtain a percentage of the recovery for the fraud and corruption you helped to uncover.

To discuss your possible whistleblower claim and how my experience can help, reach out for a free and confidential consultation. Call my Dallas office at 214-617-2181 or use the online form.