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Awards And Fees

How much are attorney fees for help filing a whistleblower lawsuit?

None out of pocket by the Client. The Law Offices of James R. Tucker, P.C., will handle qui tam lawsuits on behalf of Whistleblowers on a contingency basis. The firm gets paid nothing upfront. It receives a percentage of a reward plus expenses if – and only if – a suit is successful. If a whistleblower does not receive a reward, neither does the firm receive any remuneration, not even for expenses it may have incurred.

How much of a reward can I get?

Federal and State law provide for a reward of 15-25 percent when the government gets involved in a case and more, up to 30 percent, when a citizen goes it alone. The amount a whistleblower receives is based on how much he or she actually contributes to the case. Often the amount is negotiated between government lawyers and the lawyer(s) representing the whistleblower, another reason for getting representation.

Where must a whistleblower’s information come from?

Those filing qui tam lawsuits on the government’s behalf are expected to have original source independent knowledge of a fraud. In other words, the information cannot come from other sources or public documents but the realtor — the name given to a citizen who files a whistleblower lawsuit — must be an “original source” of the information. The source is expected to have reported the fraud to the government before filing a lawsuit.

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